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Connect2Teach is a unique network that connects experts from industry and academia

Our story

Connect2Teach enables experts from industry and academia to share their knowledge with institutions around the world.

It all started with an ambitious attempt to create a new online learning platform while pursuing an MBA at the University of Cambridge. During the process, we kept running into the same challenge: where could we find a network of subject experts to create and deliver high-quality content?

It turned out this challenge was not unique to us. As we spoke to higher education institutions and private companies we recognized that with the fast changing landscape of education, there was a real demand for visiting experts. Yet these organizations were limited by their immediate and predominantly local networks.

Meanwhile, professionals were telling us “I would love to teach” and professors said “I would love to teach online or as I travel” but they didn’t know how to access these opportunities.

By connecting the dots, we realized we could produce a number of benefits to the way we approach knowledge sharing and teaching opportunities.

Through Connect2Teach we want to expand the boundaries of who we consider being a teacher. We want to make sure that the world’s brightest and most motivated minds are working together to educate future generations.

Institutions work with us to

Access industry-relevant expertise

With greater access to teachers outside of academia, higher education institutions and learning platforms can bring in relevant real-world expertise.

For experts, this is a great opportunity to build reputation, meet future peers or customers and increase their impact.

Achieve world-class research and training goals

With the ability to approach academics and universities across the world, corporates can spur research programs or create partnerships for continuous training and development of their workforce.

Build international diversity

By working with academics from overseas, universities and private companies can foster greater diversity of ideas, research and learning styles.

Academics can also opt for guest teaching opportunities outside their existing networks while traveling.

Save time, effort and cost from discovery to delivery

Education providers can reach beyond immediate networks to identify and invite the best instructors for their needs, while significantly reducing the time, effort and cost associated with finding them.

Meanwhile, creating access to additional opportunities makes teaching a more financially lucrative and attractive profession.

our team and advisors

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Priyanka Agarwal
Founder & CEO

She completed her MBA from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge in the UK and BA from Northwestern University in the US. She was presented the Women of the Future (category: MBA Star) award in the UK in 2015 by HRH Princess Aga Khan. She is driven by access to quality education across all geographies and demographics. She previously worked with corporates such as Tata Group, KPMG Boxwood and Towers Perrin in India, UK and the US, covering sectors from power, steel, education, retail and not-for-profit. Her focus has been on working with industry to evolve with new technologies and ways of working.

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Vaithegi Vasanthakumar
Peer Advisor

Currently a Product Manager at Financial Times, UK, Vaithegi worked in the Office of the Chief Education Advisor at Pearson UK and served as a core member of the global efficacy team that led a company wide transformation to improve and deliver educational outcomes and performance. Born in Sri Lanka, she grew up in Toronto, Canada and completed her MBA from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge in the UK.

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Jaideep Prabhu

Jaideep Prabhu is the Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Business and Enterprise at the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, England. Professor Prabhu is also the Director of the Centre for India & Global Business. He is the co-author of Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth, described by The Economist as "the most comprehensive book" on the subject of frugal innovation.

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Aamir Jariwala
Peer Advisor

Currently working as the Head of Business Development for the India Start-Up/ VC ecosystem at Amazon Internet Services, Aamir was the founder and CEO of Karma Recycling, a Government of India authorized company which set up clean technology to control the increasing amounts of electronics in India. An industrial engineer from Northwestern University in the US, Aamir previously served as the Assistant Vice President at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities. Aamir is committed to continuous learning and innovation and has delivered a TedX talk on how the best discoveries stem from accidents, and how they can change the world for the better.

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Mukul Kumar

Mukul Kumar is currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Hult International Business School. He previously served as the President of United World Colleges -USA, the Chief Academic Officer & Provost at Hult International Business School in the UK and Executive Director for Executive Education at University of Maryland in the US. A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he holds a PhD in International Economics from Princeton University and worked with McKinsey & Co and the World Bank. He loves teaching the course on "Business Insights from Organized Crime” to encourage students to transfer knowledge across sectors.

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Chris Roebuck

Chris Roebuck is a British economist and expert on leadership and optimising organisational performance. After serving in the British Army and working in leadership & HR roles in the corporate and Government worlds he is a Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School in London since 2009. He advises organisations on maximising performance through effective leadership via his innovative new approach – I CARE Leadership. This combines effective, engaging, ethical and entrepreneurial leadership which is then implemented by simple day to day actions.

Chris run masterclasses for leadership groups, speaks at major conferences and works within organisations globally. He has held senior Human Resource and organisational transformation roles at London Underground, KPMG, HSBC, and UBS. He has been on HR Magazines list as one of the Most Influential HR Thinkers. He is as an executive coach and mentor to senior executives and has regularly commented in the media on business and leadership issues including The Times and Wall Street Journal, Gulf Times, Straits Times, Gulf Times, BBC and CNN. Chris has co-authored the first book focused on strategic leadership development and written others on subjects from delegation to optimising bottom line via leadership.

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Tulsi Parida
Peer Advisor

Tulsi is an edtech professional who began her career in education with Teach for America. Driven by a desire to scale impact beyond just her classroom, Tulsi transitioned into the field of education technology. She has since worked at Newsela, one of the world’s leading literacy edtech companies based in New York, and Zaya Learning Labs, a pioneer in education technology in India. Tulsi is currently pursuing a dual degree as a Pershing Square Scholar at the University of Oxford in MSc Social Science of the Internet and a MBA. She also holds a BSEd in Social Policy, with a second major in Economics from Northwestern University and an MA in Teaching from Relay Graduate School of Education.

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Winnie Palmer

Winnie is a global business leader with a track record of driving meaningful digitalization to deliver positive outcome. Having participated in several waves of technological advancement and business adaptation over the last two decades, Winnie has accumulated a wealth of experience in leading complex organizational evolutions. She is currently the Regional Chief Digital Officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a global leader in IT, technology, enterprise products and solutions. Winnie has a strong strategic and broad marketing expertise across multiple disciplines, and is active on the international speaking circuit about digital transformation, branding and data. Previously, Winnie worked at Huawei Technologies, Microsoft, Nokia, Enpocket and Telecom New Zealand. She is married with two kids and lives in London.

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