Chris Roebuck Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership City University - London, Cass Business School, United Kingdom


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London, New York, Singapore, Roma, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Beijing, Toronto, Delhi
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• Delivered Public Masterclass - delivering success through I CARE Leadership at Dubai / Oman / UK / New York on For senior line manager - how to get best from people to deliver success from January 2015 - Present • Delivered Opening keynote speaker at Global DIY Forum, Stockholm (audience 1000) on Leadership for market disruption from June 2016 - June 2016 • Delivered Leadership / management training - Head of Management Development at HSBC Holdings, Britain on Developing / delivering senior management programmes from January 2000 - June 2002 • Delivered Global Head of Talent & Leadership at UBS Group, Switzerland on Presenting to / developing top 3 management levels and leading team to develop culture, talent, entrepreneurial leadership, brand promotion and overall business performance - now a Harvard Case Study from August 2003 - January 2006 • Delivered Multiple presentations to students & senior executives : Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at City University - London, Cass Business School, United Kingdom on Transformational Leadership/ organisational performance / HR from December 2006 - Present • Delivered Conference speaker at ASHRM 2016 (audience 600) on Entrepreneurship and HR from September 2016 - September 2016 • Delivered Conference speaker at HR360 European Summit (audience 250) on HR and Innovation from June 2017 - June 2017

Achievements and Expertise

Traditional approaches to maximising individual, team and organisational performance via leadership are proving ineffective in current world. My innovative approach I CARE Leadership is proven to work, maximise effort and put 10% on bottom line.

Creating a holistic approach to delivering organisational at UBS now part of a Harvard Case Study and being invited to be a Companion of the Chartered Mgt Inst and voted by HRDs onto the annual HR Most Influential Thinkers list regularly


Expert on maximising ROI of human capital to deliver improved value creation. This has potential to increase bottom line by 10% + for minimal  investment. Proven success of transformation cross sectors and geographies - finance to transport, law to construction, global experience. Based on unique insights ;   Corporate leader - successfully delivered initiatives to enable better financial performance in major organisations, across multiple sectors, one part of Harvard Case Study. Thought Leader  - Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School in London Military leader - ex military officer with personal experience of delivering success via leadership in even toughest conditions.Governmental leader - experience of public sector roles, eg UK National Health Service, local Government.   Executive Mentor - working with individual senior leaders to help them identify how they can succeed.   Non Executive - focus on ensuring optimisation of human capital ROI Developed an "Effective human capital" assessment to benchmark, enable improvement of ROI and identify risks. Delivered via "I CARE" leadership – the combination of entrepreneurial, engaging, ethical and effective leadership that is proven to deliver results, eg 30% more effort from 60% of employees.  Held senior role in UBS, HSBC and KPMG, London Underground, UK National Health Service & Local Government. Work as Head of Leadership at UBS now part of a Harvard Case Study on successful corporate global transformation. Wrote report for UK Government on developing leadership in NHS and served of 2 Government expert panels to improve UK business performance.    Speak to professional groups, conferences, organisations globally on how leaders can deliver success quickly at minimal cost for themselves, their teams and organisation.       


Managing Director

January 2014 - Present (3 years ago)

Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership,

January 2006 - Present (11 years ago)

As a thought leader on Leadership and Entrepreneurial HR, I chair conferences, present and run masterclasses, write, and undertake research to push forward the effectiveness of leadership and its benefits for individuals, teams, organisations and wider society. This supports senior leaders, HR teams, CEOs, CFOs and other professionals together with line management at all levels. For HR teams it provides insight into the delivery of talent and leadership development, in order to deliver world-class organisational performance. As a trusted advisor, researcher and business partner, I enable organisations to turn the ideas into action to get the best from their people, quickly, simply and effectively, using minimum resources.