Ana Paula Mundim
Principal Director | Accenture Strategy, UK
Former Supply Chain Manager | Accenture, Brazil
Former Lecturer  | Business School Sao Paulo
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Ana has 16 years of global experience working in business strategy, operations and organizational consulting for a variety of industries. She has a passion for strategic transformation and drawing together digital technologies and partnership innovations to drive sustainable business outcomes.

Connect2Teach: How would you like to describe your work experience in the field of academia and now in Accenture?

Ana: I moved to the UK seven years ago. My main experience has been in consulting but I also have an academic background. Whenever I decide to come to real work, I try to keep a track on academia and ever since I started working in Accenture, I have been giving some classes, tuition and lectures in professional courses and distance learning courses as well.

I have some experience in automotive, consumer goods but most of my background is in supply chain (product improvement, supply chain and asset management). I have worked across industries such as Resources, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Mining.

When I moved to the UK, I moved to a different role within the firm.  I am an internal R&D here. I mainly deal with the clients and I also lead the internal R&D for sustainability.

Accenture has changed a lot in the last three years. They have segmented the business in 5 different units. I moved to sustainability five years ago and this department is closely linked to operations & supply chain. My background was one of the reasons why they accepted my application to this role.

Last year I delivered a small course on Sustainability in Cambridge, which gave me an academic feel leading to accept the opportunity to teach again.

Connect2Teach: What makes you want to get back into the classroom? What appeals to you about teaching?

Ana: I believe that the best opportunity to learn is teaching. I started my career in consulting and I always tried to teach and both go really well because at the end of the day, consultants are on a learning journey with clients. So I find pleasure in this activity.

Teaching is not a profit generator. For me, it is a learning activity.

Connect2Teach: How do you describe yourself as a teacher and how do you try to be more engaging and interactive with students?

Ana: I describe myself as a friend and a collaborator. I think this is an interesting question because I have had challenging moments in my teaching career because often I was in classrooms with people much older than me and usually men.

I always act as a means to connect new knowledge or new experience rather than being the only source of information.

It has been seven years since I last taught and I think with the base of information that we have, we need to know how to put ourselves and how to facilitate the conversation.

I always try to have a good relation with the students. I sometimes go out with them, or have lunch together. I think today you have a lot of tools to connect with students. You have groups like WhatsApp. I would love to have discussion groups.

Connect2Teach: Would you like to share with us some of the techniques or methods that you use while designing teaching plans for students? 

Ana: I would start with understanding my students. I don’t think it’s just the perspectives of the topics of the subject. You need to see how you adapt those knowledge or things you have been working on within the context of the audience.

I would try to understand the average profile of the students, where they come from, what are their goals, what are they looking for, and also take these into the context of the whole programme.

One thing that I noticed as a lecturer in universities or in other professional courses, was that there is lack of integration between different courses. Sometimes when you are small in number you have the ability to grow in a nice and cooperative way. In today’s world, if I need to teach project management and operations, I need to involve HR, I need to involve finance. It’s important to have this holistic view.

So I would start with identifying the needs, try to understand the students, see if everything is within the context of the programme. I would also try to focus on how to make the session really interactive and try to from very sharp and clear objectives in a short duration of time.